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Diamond Wolf Emporium

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Introducing the Sunflower Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Nose Smell Training Sniffing Pad, the perfect slow feeding bowl and food dispenser for your furry friend! Made from soft and durable felt and fleece materials, this snuffle mat measures approximately 15 inches in diameter, providing ample space for your pet to engage in stimulating nose work and relieve stress. The sunflower puzzle design adds an element of fun and challenge to mealtime, while also promoting mental stimulation and physical activity. Ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs, this snuffle mat can also aid in preventing bloating, obesity, and other digestive issues. Upgrade your pet's mealtime experience with the Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Nose Smell Training Sniffing Pad today!


1. We recommend if you have multiple dogs to get separate snuffle mats for each dog and to feed them in separate areas or rooms of the house to diminish any potential resource guarding between dogs.
2. Keep an eye on and monitor your dog the first few times they use this product as they learn how to use the snuffle mat to insure they don't chew and ingest the item. Do not leave this product with a dog unattended-it's your responsibility to ensure your dog is safe using this product and not eating the mat.
3. Recommended Washing: soap and water to wash and air dry

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